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At Tech Mahindra we believe in Career enrichment and our Education Services Group (ESG) actively involves itself in fostering a learning culture for our people. Extending higher education opportunities for employees forms a core focus of the ESG and it coordinates post-graduate education programs from IIT Mumbai and BITS Pilani.

Employees can apply for these courses with the advantage of earning while you learn.

Support is extended through contact sessions and various e-learning modules that help employees in “just in time learning”. Higher education was so much a part of the culture that Tech Mahindra was the first business organization to join the Distance Education Program of IIT in its quest to impart high quality training to its own employees.
The zest doesn’t end here as Tech Mahindra sponsors 40% to 50% of the course fees for selected employees and also 100% for those who achieve top grades.
Along with higher education in-house training is another attempt to ensure employees are encouraged to develop and grow. Quality in these programs is ensured through mechanisms such as courseware reviews, feedback analysis and post program reality check surveys.

The Behavioral training team handles mentoring, guidance and career outlining for all employees and is focused on facilitating organization-wide capability building through continuously enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitude.

Academics, training, grooming to help you become a thorough professional is all that we aim at once an individual joins us. Life here is not restricted to compartmentalized cubicles but much beyond and your horizon as a TechMighty is never ending… filled with learning, growth and continuous development.


  • To create virtual learning with poles at Universities and Tech Mahindra
  • To create professionals for a borderless planet
  • To enable business integrated learning at universities
  • To stimulate the program structure and curriculum revisions at universities

Existing Tie-ups with Academia

BITS, Pilani

Tech Mahindra signed an MoU with BITS Pilani on 15th August 2003 to foster mutual collaborations that involve the students and faculty of BITS as well as aspiring student professionals and adjunct faculty from Tech Mahindra.

Tech Mahindra provides training under the practice school programs of BITS, Pilani to their students and collaborates with the visiting PS faculty of BITS, Pilani

BITS provides educational offerings to Tech Mahindra professionals operating learning centers at Tech Mahindra locations that take care of all the pedagogy involved without the people having to move away from the work environment.

Currently over 700 software professionals from Tech Mahindra are deriving benefits from this collaboration to pursue the MS programs (post graduation in engineering) in areas like Telecommunications and Software Engineering or Software Engineering.

Offering similar programs in areas like Embedded Systems, Management Systems and Financial Engineering is being considered for the future.

Some of these programs are initiated from the recruitment stage and fully sponsored by Tech Mahindra in all aspects to provide stable resourcing besides several value additions to both Tech Mahindra and its people.

The first batch of this novel scheme started in January 2004 and is expected to graduate in Dec2007. We have 5 such batches that are already on board.
The uniqueness of the scheme is that Tech Mahindra has long-term commitments with people on their career development till Dec2011.

This has been a recurring scheme involving fresh talent of science graduates every year brought on board from across the nation.

IIT Mumbai

IIT Mumbai has setup Centre for Distance Engineering Education Programs (CDEEP) few years ago to make available their graduate and post-graduate courses in electrical engineering and information technology.

All these courses are conducted with the same rigor as on campus and in fact several of them are linked with the sections operating on campus.

Lectures are broadcasted through Satellite transmissions in both live and recorded formats. While live sessions are interactive between the teachers at IIT and students at any distant location, the recorded sessions help making up for missed lectures.

Tech Mahindra has set up Remote Centers to receive CDEEP offerings at its office locations in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Noida and Bangalore connected through our lease lines

Tech Mahindra is shortly setting up dish antennas at each of these locations for better performance stability and quality of transmissions.

Nearly 300 professionals from Tech Mahindra are pursuing these courses and are benefited by them.

Course offerings like Project Management, Corporate Strategy, Embedded Systems and Mobile Computing are very popular amongst pursuants.

These course offerings may also culminate in obtaining a post graduate diploma in IT subject to fulfilling all other requirements.

Tech Mahindra has heavily subsidized these course offerings and also rewarded full sponsorships to those excelling in their performance.


BT and UCL have collaborated and created a two year program known as MSC in Telecommunication Engineering. Degrees are awarded by the University of London

Initially this program was pursued by BT employees and was later extended to Tech Mahindra employees working with BT on client locations. Currently, this is available to all Tech Mahindra employees.

A maximum of 15 Tech Mahindra employees can pursue this program in a year in each of the modules, a total numbering to 10 in a year.

Effectively about 50 – 100 employees of Tech Mahindra can pursue these programs.

This program is mostly sought after by people who wish to take up roles in Solution Design related to Telecommunications Networking business.

Higher education offerings from IIT, BITS and BT-UCL are made available either in full/part/subsidized financial support to fulfill their career needs.

Tech Mahindra proposes to make available several new offerings in addition to the existing offerings and is on the look out for new collaborations with premier universities both in India and overseas to foster the learning needs of the people.

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